Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Update 11/03/2016

I know I have been away for a while im going to start blogging more Im going to start a series on the use of the terminal, also show tips on how to use Linux in the terminal environment. Stay tuned..

Friday, February 12, 2016

Linux History

Linux is unix-like operating system that was developed by a man named Linus Torvalds. It was released on October 5 1991 when he was attending the University of Helsinki. When Linus was in the University of Helsinki he had access to MINIX which is a Unix based operating system he got interested in Operating Systems, Linus began the development of his own Kernel, which is called Linux.
Today Linux runs on embedded systems, which are devices the operating system is installed on a firmware chip. For example some DVRs, satellite receivers, network routers, Smart TVs, video game consoles and many other devices systems have Linux installed on them because its a Linux Operating System that is designed for that device. Did you know your Android based devices are based on Linux. In some cases you can get the source code for Linux from the company that made the device.
Linux comes in many forms called distributions. What is in a Linux distribution the Linux Kernel, utilities, office software, multimedia software and utilities. Some of the popular distributions that are made for desktop and laptop use, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE, Fedora Arch Linux, and may others. Some of the distributions that made for Servers Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo and may others.

Linux is used in multiple environments its used in laptops, desktop, servers, tablets, smart phones and smart televisions. In in a production environments linux is used to robots. Its used to run super computers for science to help calculations for NASA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and you never know if the NSA uses Linux to run there servers. People that are interested in Linux don't have to go to the big box stores and buy a copy, You can just go online and download a copy and burn it to a disk. Also you can copy it to a flash drive for those computers that don't have an optical drive so if you don't like the distribution that you downloaded you can just format the drive and reuse it.

The market is flooded with companies that sell there products with Windows installed on them. As for companies that make there own computers some have Linux preinstalled like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, System 76 and many others.

Linux is designed by people that have the passion to use Linux. Companies like IBM, HP, Oracle, and many other companies have staff that work on projects to make Linux better for companies that want to implement Linux into their company, either for security or for a cost effective way.

The best thing about Linux its “FREE.” Yes read that right “FREE.” As a computer tech for many years I have used it for lots of uses, for a replacement operation system and for data recovery. Linux also has been known as the universal operating system. For computer geeks have used Linux to make there own, Linux can be customized the way you want it to run. What more you want in an operating system “FREE,”open source, support by people that love using Linux. Governments like Russia, China, North Korea and many other countries use linux. North Korea version of Linux is called Red Star OS, China version of Linux is Kylin, and for Russia's version its called runtu. The North Korean version of Linux Red Star OS is built by the government.
Linux is designed to be free but some companies that make Operating Systems abuse there power to make a piece of software and the people buy it. It can be used for good or for bad. I am not going to say names company that just came out with there new Operating System gave it away for “FREE” no it was not Linux. That company uses that software to collect information on the user, there habits, the sites they visit, keystrokes and can even watch you through your web cam in your own home. With Linux that will never happen it won't spy on you, Linux is for user that wants privacy and who wants to customize there computer the way they want it. Its your choice for what you want to use.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer
This little program is great for installing drivers on a clean machine or need to update drivers. Plus you can get the drivers for a fresh install.

Snappy Driver Installer click here to download.
*If you need to extract the files you can use the Window built in zip file extractor or you can use 7zip which is a replacement for Winzip and it way better than the built in tool that is in Windows. 7zip *

1. First you need to accept the GNU General Public License by pressing accept.
2. Now that you have accepted GNU License, "Click here to start the download"
3. From here a screen will come up called Update, Click on "Indexes". Press Accept and press OK. It will take a few minutes for Indexes to download.
 3 - index
4. If you looking for one specific driver or looking to make a recovery for your system.
To make a recovery disk for your computer, once you have the index downloaded. Click on Select All and Click Install. It will update all the drivers in your whole system. Once it's done it will ask you to restart your system, Then you're done.
4 - select-all
5. Just wait minute don't delete that folder that you extracted. Copy that to a Flashdrive or DVD, So if you have a system crash and need to make a clean install and not use the recovery media that comes with the computer you can use those drivers to restore your system.
folder 1

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Gear

My Laptops Well I have 3 of them.. I have a Dell Latitude E6430, Dell Latitude E6510, and Asus R500v. I have a power supply for my Dell laptops in my bag at all times, the Dells use the same power supply which is very convenient. Asus is not pictured..
Left - Dell E5410 Intel i5 2.6Ghz 8 GB RAM 160 GB HD Intel 4000 Ubuntu 14.04 Mate Desktop
Right – Dell E6430 Intel i5 2.67 8 GB RAM 320 GB HD Intel 4000 Nvidia 5200 Quadro GPU and Windows 7 Profressional
Asus R500V Intel i5 2.6Ghz, 8GB Ram, 320GB Hard drive, Intel 4000 HD graphics card and Nvidia 610M, 500 Gb hard drive, and Linux Mint 17.
I have a Logitech M510 wireless mouse and mouse pad.
I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for a tablet. Its in a Fintie case that folds into a stand that you an use to Skype or watch videos on your tablet.IMG_0372

One device I don't know what I wouldn't do without is a RavPower USB battery RP-PB13.It has 2 ports 1 amp and there is a 2 amp port, has a built in flashlight for those nights that you lose power or you just need a flashlight. They make smaller ones but this was biggest Battery at the time that I bought it. For more information and other products check out
To plug in all my devices into power I use a Monster TO-GO and it has a USB charger on it, it can be used to charge your cell phone or other USB devices, the downside about it only puts out just half a amp. Just enough to charge your cell phone over night.
To charge all my USB devices I use a Skiva USB charger, it has 4 usb ports on it each port puts out 1 amp.
For my cell phone I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, yes its a older phone but it works good for me
For my camera I have Canon Powershot ELPH135 a simple to use 16 MP with 8x Optical zoom.
What I use for skype and video chat I have Logitech C270 a webcam that is a 720p HD cam and has a microphone built in. Plus my Dell laptops don't have a webcam and the cam that Dell put in there laptops are junk. They are only 480p which is horrible quality.
My flash drives that I use for storage I have Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB for personal files, Gorilla Drive 16GB extra space, and for system recovery I use a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer. On that recovery I have a copy of my Operating System and Copy of my latest drives for my Dell Laptops. Also watch my video on YouTube that I reviewed the Gorilla Drive, I ready did throw the flash drive into the sink to test its durability and water resistance. – Review of the Gorilla drive.
As for my card reader that I use both of my laptops have one built in but it only does SD, but my phone and tablet have MicroSD cards so if I take a lot of pictures with my phone I just take the card out and download the photos to my computer. The card reader is a Insignia NS-CR2021 cheap little thing but it works great. It will read both MicroSD, SDHC and SDXC cards. I know there is better quality but but I couldn't pass up the price. It was less than 10 dollars..
For earbuds I use some Skull Candy Ink'd cheap and sound good.
Also I have a little accessory bag in my laptop bag that has my flashdrives, batteries for my mouse, USB cables to charge my devices and for downloading date from devices. My Insignia card reader. Screen wipes to clean my screen, lens on my camera, and clean my glasses. Whoosh to clean my laptop and its safe to use on glasses and the screen as well. Papaya Enzyme for mild heartburn and Excedrin for head aches. Drink packets for extra boost and flavor. Lead for my pencil and bandages. For bad breath little dispose able tooth brush.  
And I to house all that gear is Swiss Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1908. TSA approved it lays flat so that you don’t need to take out you laptop while going through the security line. It’s a great bag price around 60 Dollars on Amazon. Click on the picture for more information on Amazon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Download video from youtube

Lets say you have this project that you need to get done for school or there is a video of something that your grand kids done and you want to download the video from YouTube to save it to a DVD. Maybe you have a trip and your going to be in a place that has no Internet. Well I am going to show you how to download videos from YouTube. There are a few add ons that you can install inside your browser and there are a few that you can copy and paste into a web page. From the web page you can save the video onto your computer or tablet. The browser that I use is Firefox it works on Windows, Linux, and Apple and that is what we will be using to download the videos. First of all go to in your browser and copy the link of the video that you want to save from Youtube.

Now that I found a video that I am going to download. I copied the link in the box that says “Enter the URL, you want to download from” and here is the link that I am going to copy in the box. "" This link is a video of my dog yawning  and talking back to me, yea she has a attitude problem but she is a good dog.

From here you have a couple of options to download the video from youtube. Just click on MP4 360p and a box will pop up and it will ask you were you want the file downloaded to. Its just that simple. Next I will show how to extract the audio from a video file. Have fun.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Aircrack-ng Tutorial

Aircrack-ng Tutorial
  1. For this tutorial you will need root access. If using ubuntu you can use sudo for this tutorial but if you don't want to use sudo every time you type in new command, use su it will give you full root access. If you don't have the root password sudo will work just fine. If your doing this on a laptop sometimes using a external wireless card is the best, external wireless cards get better reception and better results. But if you have internal wireless card in your laptop it will work just fine.
  2. First find out if your computer has aircrack-ng installed on your computer, open the terminal on your Linux distro of your choice. First in your terminal type in aircrack-ng if it says No command 'aircrack-ng' found. You don't have it installed. In Ubuntu there is two way to install it, in terminal type in sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng or the software center. But using the software center it has issues of not liking aircrack-ng because its not maintained by canonical who designed Ubuntu. But for the other distros out the like fedora or others you'll have to look that up. This tutorial is being done on Ubuntu.
  3. Now lets get started, Now look for the wireless card that is installed or connected to your computer. Using airmon-ng will show the wireless card or cards installed or connected to your computer. Open terminal in your computer Type as follows “airmon-ng.”

  1. After finding the wireless card that is connected or installed on your computer let remember which one is which that if you have two or more wireless cards connected. Normally wlan0 is the internal wireless card, but if doing this on a old laptop or desktop that has no wireless cards and you have a wireless card connected then whatever is listed is the card that you have on your computer. Also keep note some desktops have a wireless cards installed on the motherboard. But if using this on a older laptop that has no wireless make sure the card is connected to the computer.
First put the wireless card in in monitoring mode “airmon-ng start wlan0.” Ignore the “Found processes that could cause trouble trouble” they won't be a problem.
  1. Now we have the card in monitor mode, from here things get fun. Type “airodump-ng mon0”. Let it scan for a few minutes, it will find all the access points that turned on. Lets go over a few things, first BSSID listing is the routers or access points, Beacons shows how many time it calls out to tell the computer Hey i'm here, CH is the channel that its communicating on, MB is how fast it will transmit data, and finally ESSID is the name of the of the access point.
    The list down below, the BSSID is the same as above next is the station, the station is the computer that is connected to the access point by wireless it will not read the computer if its connected by Ethernet. After letting scan for a few minutes stop the scan by pressing Ctrl and C this will stop the scan, but everything that you scanned for will not go away.
  2. After you had scanned your area for access points look at the second BSSID list, find how many MAC addresses are listed and then look station list.
  3. Now open another terminal window or a new tab. When you open a new tab or window you will need to use sudo or if you don't want to use sudo all the time use su login into root. Now your going to start scanning the specific access point that you want to get into. Note the wpa is the file that captures the packets in this scan.
    airodump mon0 –channel 1 –bssid 00:00:00:00:00:00 -w wpa
  4. You can't wait until a clients connects to the access point, but you don't know when that will happen. There is a way to force the client to disconnect and then reconnect. If you started airodump now is the waiting game, just wait for someone to connect to the access point, but if you don't have a lot of time there is a way to speed the process up. Find the MAC address of the access point your trying get into and then next to MAC address of the access point is the station write them down or just copy and paste then when needed. So lets force them apart just a few seconds to get that handshake in that open terminal you will still need root access. Type in aireplay-ng -0 1 -a BSSID MAC -c station MAC mon0 this will disconnect the client from the router for a few seconds the user won't know because it happens so fast.
     9.  No go back to airodump-ng scan. In the upper right hand corner it will    say  WPA Handshake
          then the MAC of the access point. Now you have got what you need.

  1. Stop all scans if you doing this from your car some were is public get out of there go to a safe place. Make sure you have good copy of word files or they also call them dictionary files, the next part is the most time consuming part of this whole process. First when you get home or get to that safe place make sure to have plenty of snacks, drinks or whatever you like doing to do when you kill time. To start this very simple remember were you saved the wpa file that you saved when you did the scanning most of the time it will be in your home directory but if you saved it some were else then remember were you saved it.
    aircrack-ng -w word.lst -b MAC Address of access point wpa.cap
  2. Then after the scanning done it will show you the key then your done. If the scan doesn't find the key then you can be out of luck. There are other ways of getting the key but I will cover that in later time but for now this is a simple way of getting the key of a access point. I will include a link to password files that I use.